Attached lid. Less stress
stackable food container
Save space. Get organised
Food storage container
Clear. Organised. Easy
Reusable food container
Reusable. BPA free

Shipped directly to you from our Sydney warehouse. Our products are made in the USA from recycled plastics and are BPA free and reusable.

By simplifying your life with these products, you’ll never have to search for another lid again. Experience how a minor change in your daily routine can deliver unexpected, positive impacts – simplifying life, saving time and keeping you organised. With a range of sizes and value sets for a variety of food needs, from cereal containers, to freezer storage containers, to arts and crafts storage and the workshop, Mr. Lid has exactly what you’re looking for. See for yourself! We promise you’ll love us! But if you prefer to lose your lids, we offer free returns within 30 days of your purchase!

Mr. Lid Gift Card
Mr. Lid Gift Card
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The proof is in the picture. Look at these amazing transformation from our customers!

Organised tupperware drawer Before & After
Organised tupperware cupboard Before & After
Organised tupperware drawer Before & After
Organised tupperware drawer Before & After
Organised tupperware drawer Before & After
Organised tupperware drawer Before & After
Food container sizes
Dishwasher safe tupperware
tupperware containers

What Our Customers Say!

"I'm an incredibly busy working mum forever needing storage containers for left overs, lunches and meal preparation. I came across Mr. Lid recently and I've never looked back. I no longer have to search the tupperware cupboard for the right lid as the lid is always attached - saving me time!  Plus they stack neatly in my cupboard so I've got more space in my kitchen. The food keeps fresher longer than other containers that I have used. Won't use anything else now!" 

"Mr. Lid has changed my life. With 4 kids I use them every day and everyday they come home from school with the lid attached ! The kids love them as much as I do.We now also take them camping every time as they keep the food fresh and dry in the esky. 

"I love my Mr Lid!!!! Love it, love it, love it!!! No longer am I embarrassed to open my drawers in front of my friends or get frustrated at my kids for losing their lids at school. Not often do I talk to my friends about plastic containers but I have been so excited about Mr Lid that I find myself now wanting to share with them how clever I am for having found Mr Lid. I highly recommended you giving it a go, it is really good value for money." 

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