5 Reasons why you need our FREE Mr. Lid printables

Whenever I go grocery shopping I always have my list in hand. However, I’ve noticed that other shoppers just don’t use grocery lists as much any more they just ‘wing it’. I personally love making lists and can never walk into a grocery store without a shopping list - it drives my husband crazy and he has tried endlessly to get me to switch to an app.!! Not only do they save me time and money but they also have many other benefits.

You could scribble your list on a scrap piece of paper or even better download our FREE Mr. Lid Shopping list printable. If you don’t usually make shopping lists, why not give it a go and experience a much more efficient, effective and stress-free way of shopping!

Let me give you 5 reasons why you should try our Mr. Lid shopping list printable!

SAVES MONEY – Yep, grocery lists can save you lots of money! Having a list means that you won’t get tempted and buy food items that are not necessary and not on the list. Research indicates that you can reduce your food expenses by 25-30% by taking a shopping list along with you. I would say this statistic would be accurate.

SAVES TIME – When you go to shops with a grocery list, you know exactly what you want. Instead of spending time pacing up and down the aisles umm’ing and ahh’ing about what you need, you can just pick up the groceries you have listed and leave. It saves sooo much time and you’ll be in and out of the shops in a flash.

HELPS YOU PLAN YOUR MEALS – By using a grocery list, you can plan your meals out for the week. You might have also noticed that we have created a FREE Mr. Lid meal planner printable to download. Easily create your meal plans and write your a grocery list. Your be set for the week ahead with Mr. Lid printables. 

LESS TRIPS TO THE STORE – Instead of grabbing bits and pieces throughout the week as you need them, simply head to the shops once with all you need written down on your Mr. Lid shopping list. This means that there will be less trips to the shops and less impulse buys.

EAT HEALTHIER – You are able to make smarter decisions and properly evaluate the types of food that you and your family are consuming. Instead of making last-minute unhealthy decisions on your shop, you can stick to a healthier shop.

Hope this helps relieve the stress of “Grocery Shopping” with a little practice you will be reaching for your list every time you head to the store. Trust me it really does make a difference. And remember to transfer all you goodies into our Mr. Lid containers to keep them fresher longer. Mr. Lids have an attached lid that never gets lost, stack conveniently in your fridge or pantry and wash clean in the dishwasher. Add Mr. Lid to your meal prep and ease the stress of what’s for dinner next. 

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Toni Bofinger

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