Ending the Lid-Hunt with Mr. Lid Containers

Ending the Lid-Hunt with Mr. Lid Containers

How often have you had to send out a search-and-rescue party for the matching lid for the container of leftovers in your hand? Does the search involve mutterings under your breath and inward cursing as you shove around the containers in your cupboard?

Okay, *phew* it’s not just me. (But my curses are probably more G-rated than yours.)

Mr. Lid is here to help!

Send the search-and-rescue parties home, you won’t be needing them anymore! Each Mr. Lid container is dishwasher and microwave safe, BPA-free, and sports a securely attached lid.

Not only are these super easy to keep nested in your cupboards, but when filled and closed, they stack up in a nice tidy order, too!


- Never lose the lid! Patented attached lid design for quick and easy seal.

- Stackable, saving space over conventional two-piece container/lid combos.

- Variety of sizes

- BPA-free, leak-proof, microwave and dishwasher safe.

- Perfect for organising food items, supplies, toys and crafts.

- 100% made in USA


Toni Bofinger

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