Raise your hand if you like opening your fridge door and seeing a disorganised mess of containers, produce and other random bits?

No takers? That’s no surprise! Like a solution?

Perfect We’ve got you covered!

Mr. Lid is the simple one stop solution that will not only make your fridge look like it should belong in a magazine, but also make your food last longer, saving you TONS of money (whoo!).

So, what makes our containers so great…besides their ability to make your fridge look awesome? Each of our Mr. Lid range has the lid attached. Their innovative lid attached design means no more lost lids or mismatched containers. Our clear bases let you see whats inside. And lastly they are airtight so food keeps fresher longer!

Mr. Lid eliminates the frustrating lid search, keeping things organised in your refrigerator, maintaining food freshness and avoiding the need to clean up messy spills.


Because storage space in your kitchen is at a premium, you need small plastic containers for all different types of food. Designed to make your life easier, Mr. Lid offers a wide range of sizes across its full line of premium containers with lids, from sandwich containers, to our mighty XL container, and everything in between.

Avoid clutter by matching the right size container with the right food to maximize your food storage options.

So let’s take a look at some of the range!

First up, is the PREMIUM 1/2 CUP - 4 PACK just $13.95

Perfect for your smaller snack size fridge items such as nuts or berries. Pop them in the kids lunch boxes. Perfect for homemade dressings. Makes keeping baby purees a breeze!

Once you’ve gathered your picks store them in your Small container and place them neatly in your fridge.

Next is one that gives you a little more produce room, our best selling PREMIUM DELI/SANDWICH - 2 PACK  $18.95

Mr. Lid Premium Deli/Sandwich container is the perfect size for keeping your sandwich fresh until you are ready to eat. Room for a sandwich and snacks. Also ideal for general storage in the kitchen and around the home. 

With Mr. Lid you can also take your leftovers straight from the fridge to the microwave as Mr. Lid containers are BPA free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

The great thing about this container is that it’s slender and will easily slide into place on any fridge shelf and still leave you with plenty of room. You will LOVE them!

Or Why not start with our most poplular 10 PIECE ASSORTED VALUE SET  $49.95

Mr. Lid Premium 10 Piece Assorted Value Set contains all of our Mr Lid favourites. Throw away those old plastic containers and update to this 10-piece set! Included are all our popular sizes so you'll always have a container to meet all your storage needs.

That’s it! NOW you have it amazing products that will make more room in your fridge, keep it looking organized and save you tons of money on produce!

The ideal plastic food storage container, Mr. Lid provides a convenient solution that relieves stress rather than create more of it. So, take control, stay in the moment and make your life easier, one attached lid at a time.

With a range of sizes and family packs for a variety of food needs, from sandwich containers, to freezer storage containers, to arts and crafts storage and the workshop, Mr. Lid has exactly what you’re looking for.

See for yourself! Shop today at


Toni Bofinger

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