Is your fridge looking a little messy?

Is your fridge looking a little messy?

A simple ways to organise your fridge is to store food in containers. If you are searching for the perfect container to keep all your fresh food then Mr. Lid is the answer. 

Its easy to see what's in them because they are transparent and they fit really well in the fridge because Mr. Lid comes in a variety of sizes from our 1/2 cups to our Premium XL at 4.8 litres. And because they are airtight and leakproof your food stays fresher longer. Being BPA free, Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer safe is an added bonus.

Here are some items I like to keep in containers in the Mr. Lid kitchen fridge.
- broccoli florets
- cauliflower florets
- watermelon chopped
- carrot diced or sliced
- cherry tomatoes
- cucumber diced or sliced
- grapes
- capsicum
- Jelly for school
- Deli meats such as ham, devon, chicken meat, salami
- frankfurts
- BBQ chicken shredded


The perfectly organised fridge in 10 easy steps

1. Leftovers: Love ‘em or leave ‘em.
The average lifespan of leftovers should be 4 days max. Store them in clear containers so you are aware of what meals you can make and how long you have to eat them. See-through containers will allow you to plan ahead and take visual inventory of what you have.

2. Check your temp.
The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is 40°F (5°C) or below. If you go any warmer, you run the risk of growing harmful food bacteria. 

3. Milk master.
Never place cartons of milk in the fridge door where temperatures are subject to fluctuation. 

4. Breathing room.
An over-packed fridge is overwhelming, and it can cause your food to spoil faster too. Cool air needs to circulate to keep food cool. 

5. Designate your drawers.
Your produce crispers and deli drawers should be on the correct setting to keep everything as fresh as possible. 

6. Egg-xactly in the middle.
Eggs, like milk, do best in a consistent temperature zone, so store your dozen on the middle shelf. Keep eggs fresh by leaving them in their original container.

7. Drip defense.
Placing your raw packaged meats on a top shelf can lead to a contamination disaster if the juices drip. Wrap raw meats thoroughly and securely, then store them on the bottom shelf.

8. Whole foods.
Meat, fruit, and veggies expire quickly when they have been chopped, sliced and diced. Store them in clear airtight containers.

9. Move on up.
Most people assess what food they have and what food they need before going on a grocery run. Maximize this helpful strategy by moving older foods hidden in the back of the fridge to the front. This will allow you see what you need to eat up and what you need to buy at the market.

10. Clean machine.
Wipe up spills right when they happen to keep your fridge tidy and clean. Putting this off will only leave you with a sticky mess on your shelves and drawers.

I hope some of these tips have inspired you to organise your fridge.

Till next time!

Cheers Mr. Lid


Toni Bofinger

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