Mr. Lid - A Resolution You Can Keep in 2021!

Mr. Lid - A Resolution You Can Keep in 2021!

We guarantee it with Mr. Lid...

'Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions and here at Mr. Lid we have just what you need to keep those resolutions. Whether your resolution is to eat healthier, be more sustainable and earth conscious, spending stress-free time with your family or getting organised Mr. Lid is the answer. 



Here's a few tips how!

Resolution #1 - Be healthier in 2021

Portion control and meal prepping are key when looking to improve your eating habits. With Mr. Lid’s Premium ½ cup, 1 cup, and Premium Deli containers you can prep and store fruits, veggies and other healthy snack options ahead of time. This makes grabbing a healthy snack quick and easy!

Our containers are BPA free, airtight, leakproof, microwave and dishwasher safe! 


Resolution #2 - Be more sustainable and earth conscience

Packing lunch for yourself? For your spouse? For your children? A sandwich bag for one sandwich, another for a few carrot sticks and another one for a treat. Add up those discarded sandwich bags – every work day and school day, throughout the year, and a family of four could use up to a thousand bags each year.

But you can change this by making small, every day changes like bringing your lunch from home in our reusable Mr. Lid products. Our Premium Deli is perfect for your sandwich or salad, ditch the use of those little plastic bags by popping your snack in one or two of our Premium 1/2 cups. Try saying no to disposable cutlery. All of these and more are instrumental in helping eliminate more waste from entering our planet.

Resolution #3 - Spend more quality stress-free time with family

If this is part of your 2021 New Year’s resolution we hear you! Our range of Mr. Lid containers provide various opportunities to make family get together's organised and stress free. Picnics, camping, getaways, boating and car trips are all are made easier with Mr. Lid. Make meal prepping a family activity by turning on some music and getting everyone involved. Mr. Lid containers keep food fresher longer and make it easy to see what you have - keeping you from throwing away spoiled or forgotten food! 


Resolution #4 - Getting and staying organised

Mr. Lid is here to make organising your kitchen cupboards, fridge and pantry a one time resolution! Our containers nest nicely together for easy and convenient storage and with our unique attached lid design you'll never go searching for a matching lid again! Mr. Lid containers are also great for organising crafting supplies, kids Legos and odds and ends in your junk drawer. Let Mr. Lid get and keep you organised this year! Why not start with our best selling 17 Piece Variety Set.

So that's it - Mr. Lid's tips for keeping that 2021 New Year’s resolution! 

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Toni Bofinger

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