MUM of 5 puts Mr. Lid containers to the test

MUM of 5 puts Mr. Lid containers to the test

We gave Mr. Lid to a mother of five for a month because she asked, does it work?

Cindy Formia put Mr. Lid to the test to see how much of a difference there was compared to the containers she normally used to store foods.

This is what she had to say!

Mr. Lid is supposed to help keep your plastic-ware in order. According to its Ads, "The secret is the patented lid design, with the seal safe hinge, not available on any container anywhere."

Mr. Lid claim you can keep your cabinet organised, and they are supposedly spill-proof AND guess what…… its all true.

My cabinets were not well organised at all in the beginning, but after replacing my old containers with Mr. Lid, everything was perfectly stacked.

The same thing happened in my refrigerator.”

Cindy also said that Mr. Lid eliminated the problem of losing lids.


"I really loved the bigger ones the 4 cup size. I make sauce in a huge pan then freeze" Cindy said.

But as an added bonus, when storing the family food, Cindy says the containers did seem to keep the food fresher for longer as they are airtight.

Overall, she was sold on Mr. Lid.

"Mr. Lid definitely worked for me," Cindy said.

“I give it 5 stars and can’t stop telling friends and family about it!”

You can get a 10-piece assorted value set of Mr. Lid currently on sale  for only $49.95 at


Toni Bofinger

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