Non-toxic ways to remove stains from re-usable plastic containers.

Non-toxic ways to remove stains from re-usable plastic containers.

If your Mr. Lid re-usable containers are well loved like ours are, they might be in need of a spruce up!

Remove unwanted stains from your Mr. Lid containers with these non-toxic cleaning methods. Prevent stains from tomato sauce with our bonus tip at the end of this blog post. 

White Vinegar

A natural alternative to harsh chemicals, white vinegar kills bacteria and removes stuck on stains. Mix one tablespoon vinegar per one cup water and soak Mr. Lid containers for an hour or two. Scrub containers and rinse clean. White Vinegar is also good for removing hard water spots.  

Baking Soda

Mix baking soda with water to create a paste and rub onto your Mr. Lid containers. Let the paste sit for 30 minutes then scrub off with a wet cloth. Wash, rinse and dry your containers and admire their renewed cleanliness. Baking soda works especially well for removing oily stains and residues. 


Use a damp cloth, warm water and salt to scrub the discoloration from your Mr. Lid containers. This method requires a little extra elbow grease – repeat until the stains are gone. Run them though the dishwasher or hand wash to remove any excess salt before using. 


Rub lemon juice on your stained Mr. Lid containers and place them in direct sunlight. The UV rays mixed with the acid in the lemon juice will remove the discoloration and kill bacteria. Wash containers before using to remove any leftover lemon flavor. 

Bonus Tip 

Help prevent tomato sauce stains on your Mr. Lid containers by spraying them with cooking spray before storing pasta or tomato sauce. When possible, avoid microwaving pasta sauce in your Mr. Lid containers to prevent baked on stains.  

Make stains a thing of the past with any one of these non-toxic cleaning methods! 

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Toni Bofinger

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