Ode to the Dishwasher

Ode to the Dishwasher

No surprises here but it was an entrepreneurial woman who invented the Dishwasher. A big hooray to Josephine Cochran who in 1886 invented the first workable dishwasher..... Thank goodness she did. Good on Romania for putting her on their 2013 stamp. :)


Most of us give little thought to our dishwashers we just load, add detergent and turn it on. But a bit of planning can go a long way to keeping your Mr. Lid Containers in their best shape. Mr Lid is dishwasher safe but only likes to be stacked on the top shelf.

See video below for easy stacking.

Tips for Using the Dishwasher courtesy of Martha Stewart. http://www.marthastewart.com

1. Make sure silver and stainless steel are separate; their metals can be damaged if they touch; a chemical reaction could cause staining on the silver.
2. Place pots, plates, and heavy-duty dishes on lower rack (heat and water pressure are more intense there).
3. Stagger small plates with large ones.
4. Load pots, pans, and large cookware on the sides (delicate glasses and dishes go on the top rack).
5. Place glasses and mugs in rows between prongs.
6. Place bowls down the center of top shelf.
7. Make sure no items touch or they may get chipped.

Items That Don't Belong in the Dishwasher
-Knives: They will become dull.
-Pewter, brass, and bronze: It will tarnish.
-Wood: It may warp or crack.
-Cast iron: The seasoning is lost and the iron rusts.
-Tin pots and pans: It may rust.
-Gold-plated flatware: It will become discolored.
-China and crystal: It is delicate and may crack.

Cheers Mr. Lid

Toni Bofinger

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