ūüź£ Screen Free Easter Road Trip Essentials!

ūüź£ Screen Free Easter Road Trip Essentials!

Are you taking a mini family getaway these Easter holidays? 

Road trips provide wonderful opportunities for family bonding and exploration. All of the different scenery and landscapes can help expand your world-view in a very literal sense!

A road trip is a great chance to catch up with your kids after the busy end-of-term period. To stop and think about reconnecting with your loved ones and leave the hustle and bustle of work behind for the open road… sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

As amazing as uninterrupted family time can be, it’s understandable that hours upon hours in a confined place with your nearest and dearest can sometimes become a little…tedious.

Avoid screen time by engaging your child's imagination through audio books, activity kits and looking out the windows with fun search and find activities sheets. Extended screen time can make kids crabby and irritable so avoid it all together with a little prep work before you head out!   

Here are our 5 tips for a screen free Easter road trip: 

Activity Sheets¬†‚Ästthese fun worksheets encourage kids to search for items outside the car, inside the car¬†or¬†to¬†play games with their¬†siblings right next to them. You can find tons of different activity sheets online¬†and we‚Äôve created two¬†FREE ones just for our readers.¬†Click the links below to download them.


Game 1 - Alphabet search                   Game 2 - Tic Tac Toe

Audio Books ‚Ästare a great way to pass the time and¬†entertain younger¬†children that can‚Äôt yet read on their own. Audio books create great conversation starters to get your kids talking and thinking about characters and themes from the story. You can get your first Audio book for free at Audible Australia¬†(not sponsored)¬†

Activity Kits¬†‚Ästmake these easy activity kits for each child using our Mr. Lid Premium Deli container and items you probably already have around the¬†house!¬†Everything they need to make mini masterpieces or build any thing they dream up without making a major mess in the backseat!¬†


Make a playlist¬†‚ÄstGet your¬†family set for ‚Äėcar karaoke‚Äô by creating a group playlist of songs you‚Äôd love to sing and jam to on your trip! Why not make a¬†Mr. Lid¬†karaoke suggestions box in our Mr. Lids 4¬†cup.

Every time you think of a song you can write it down and pop it into your Mr. Lid suggestions box? Open up your Mr. Lid the night before and program all the songs into your music player. Set it to random and get ready for a great mood-lifting playlist to accompany your drive!

Finally¬†Snacks ‚Ästno road trip is complete without snacks!¬†Avoid the ‚ÄúI‚Äôm hungries‚ÄĚ with assorted car snacks.¬†Make it a¬†mixture of sweet and savoury¬† ‚Äď this will ensure there‚Äôs plenty of variety no matter your child‚Äôs mood!¬†Pack them in your Mr. Lid containers to keep the car from getting messy!!


Hopefully these tips will prevent the ‚Äúare we there yet‚ÄĚ whining and can keep your kids entertained as your family heads off for your¬†Easter getaway.


Toni Bofinger

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