Spend more time living with Mr. Lid

Spend more time living with Mr. Lid

We recently contacted Nicole from frugal.queen.aus to see if she would like to put Mr. Lid to the test.

This is what she had to say! (We seriously love this)

"Hi! That seems like such an amazing idea!!! I absolutely hate Tupperware because I can never find a lid 😂 At one stage i ended up purchasing bulk takeaway containers to use due to the ease of forever having the correct lid. But my concern there is that they aren't bpa free and contain god knows what in their plastic! I would be super keen to try these out - I reckon they'd save me so much time each day!"

And now her "as always" honest review!

One of my biggest annoyances has been my container cupboard. Over the last few years I have tried numerous ways to sort it, the main one was putting the lids in a seperate box and piling the containers amongst themselves, it seemed to be the most compact way to store them.


However, this created another problem in itself. I could never find the matching pair and would spend a ridiculous amount of time doing this. After coming across Mr. Lid, I took the chance on this product and it paid off!! These containers are super ideal to use because the lids are attached and have actually increased the amount of space I have in my cupboard.

They are super compact and literally just stack on one another. It makes it easy to grab when I'm needing to store meals on the go.


I use these in the microwave at work each day and have even stored soups in them with no leakage. I would highly recommend these containers for people who want to spend more time living, rather than searching for a matching pair.

Nicole also said "Im really loving them...I hated my tupperware and its making my life so bloody easy!

You can get a 10-piece assorted value set of Mr. Lid for only $49.95 at www.mrlid.com.au.

Nicole's easy Chocolate bark recipe:
* Pls note that added ingredients change depending on what I have in the pantry*
- 2 blocks of chocolate (I buy Dairy Fine Milk Chocolate from @aldiaustralia)
- I melt this in a glass bowl over a sauce pan as I feel I have better control than microwave.
- I cut the raspberries into quarters
- Get the M&Ms ready (usually the mini version but whatever you've got) - Also make sure I have sprinkles to go on top.
- Once the chocolate is all melted, I pour it onto baking paper (in a baking tray) and start putting the bits on top! I tend to press them in a little so they stick fairly well. Once done, sprinkles on top and into the fridge to set!

I also make the Dairy Fine White Chocolate and usually pop a trail mix in as I reckon the colours look beautiful 😍 Tag me if you make this! I prefer it over the thickness of Rocky road 😋


Toni Bofinger


Toni Bofinger

Thanks for the BARK recipe it’s just what I would like

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