Tips for better food storage

Tips for better food storage

Not sure how long to store your leftovers or where to store your eggs so they stay fresher longer? Here are our best tips for better food storage in your fridge or freezer — and save space, too!

After A Meal - Pop leftovers in the fridge or freezer as soon as possible after they’ve been prepared. A good rule of thumb - if heated food isn’t refrigerated within a couple of  hours after mealtime, it’s no longer fresh. There’s no need to cool down warm foods before placing into a freezer. Use the handy date box on your Mr. Lid container.

Choosing The Right Container - Airtight, leakproof, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and BPA free containers are ideal for storing leftover food. Mr. Lid offer a variety of handy sizes from our Premium XL to our handy Premium 1/2 cup. Stylish and sleek design featuring a clear base to easily recognise contents. Mr. Lids unique attached lid makes finding the right container even easier. 

In Your Refrigerator - Temperature fluctuates the most on a refrigerator door. Store eggs and milk on a shelf rather than your fridge door to prolong their freshness.

Keep your vegetables and fruits separated in produce drawers. Storing cut fruit or vegetables in airtight Mr. Lid containers will prolong their freshness and keep them from browning.


When storing things like sauces and soups in the freezer, only fill to the max fill line on your Mr. Lid container this allows for expansion when frozen.

Food On the Go! - Packing a lunch? Choose reusable containers to save money and reduce disposable packaging sent to landfills such as our Mr. Lid Premium Deli and Premium Salad. If you’re taking dinner leftovers to work in the morning, fill a Mr. Lid container for yourself while putting away the rest of leftovers and save time in the morning!


Ready To Eat - If you are going to prepare food that’s been frozen, allow it to defrost slowly instead of placing directly into microwave for reheating. Safe defrosting options include in the refrigerator, the defrost setting on a microwave or using a bowl of cold water changed every 30 minutes for no more than two hours. When re-heating food in the microwave, be sure to loosen the lid of your Mr. Lid container. 

I hope you have found some of these tips handy.

Till next time!

Cheers Mr. Lid

Toni Bofinger

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