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Lid attached  • Reusable  •  Microwave safe  •  Dishwasher safe  • Freezer saf  •  BPA free  •  Airtight

Mr. Lid 17 piece variety set has a container for every need. Carry your fruit salad, dips, or even baby supplies, extra sunscreen, hair ties, anything! Mr. Lid isn’t just for the kitchen, it’s for every occasion!! Best part, you don’t have to open up each one to look for items because you can see through the clear containers! Saves you time and energy! Gotta love that! Stop using those plastic bags and sandwich bags – Mr. Lid is made to be reused and repurposed.

$113.00 of value for only $89.99.....Saving you 20%

Includes: 6 x ½ cup, 2 x Deli, 3 x 1 cup, 3 x 2 cup, 3 x 4 cup

Product Attributes

  • Mr. Lid storage containers offer mobility and function of an active lifestyle. These functional and durable custom Mr. Lids will be a welcome addition to your home!
  • All containers nest inside each other for convenient storage
  • Interlocking features allow like sized closed containers to “stack” in the refrigerator, cabinet,pantry, or cooler
  • One Piece design- “Never lose the lid!”
  • Reliable latch, stays closed when loaded but opens with the “flick” of the thumb
  • Impact resistant, durable, and rugged
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